Get. Create. Give.

Turn your Artistic journey into a stable income!

With paid membership community

“We Believe that Financial freedom give a person the ability to fulfill himself!”


Stable monthly income from your fans. They believe in you and want to support you!


Backers community that will drive fans to become strong ambassadors of your Art


Access to your journey through exclusive video content and special offers

BackMyArt is made Exclusively for Artists


You own 100% of the content!
Paying Backers can see it, but they can’t download it.


No matter what happens, your money is safe and secure with the Payment processor.
Only you have access to it!


No starting fees, no hidden costs
You keep 90% of the funds!
10% – payment processing and BackMyArt commissions

What is BackMyArt about?

Everyone can be a part of the journey.
Create a community that enjoys exclusive videos and special offers
while it’s providing YOU the Artist a peace of mind to focus on your Art.

Equality of users

No Tiers
Rich or Poor – Backers are equal, they get the same content!


No costs. No logistics.
Simple. Efficient. Easy!

Flexible payment

Giving Backers the option to pay what they can, leads to higher income for Artists


Anna RF

Orphaned Land

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