• What is BackMyArt?

    BackMyArt  is a membership platform that enables Fans to take part in the Artists journey while providing the Artists a stable income and a peace of mind to focus on their Art.

  • Who can open an Artist page on BackMyArt?

    Only Artists can open an Artist page on BackMyArt.
    No gaming, no products and no adult content, only Artists.

  • Can Backers cancel the subscription?

    Backers can cancel subscriptions at any time. The subscription will be available for them until the end of the monthly subscription date.

  • What are the differences between BackMyArt and other recurring crowdfunding platforms?

    • BackMyArt is the only membership platform that is solely aimed for Artists.
    • Equality of users - no tiers, rich or poor - backers are equal, they get the same content.
    • No Rewards -There are no rewards or merchandise commitments. Artists provide the backers with exclusive videos and special offers.
    • Flexible payment - giving backers the option to pay what they can, leads to higher income (starting at $5)
  • What does it cost?

    BackMyArt is free for Artists. No starting fees, no hidden costs, Artists keep 90% of the funds that Backers pay. 10% goes to cover payment processing and BackMyArt commissions.

  • How do Artists get paid?

    Via Wire/ECH once they reach a balance of $500.
    you need to provide your bank account details. After your account is approved, Payments are instantly transferred to your Bluesnap (global payment processor) account. we do not hold your balance. You shall be entitled to withdraw amounts payable (currently only Wire/ECH), once Subscription Fees equal to at list  US $500. You balance is available at any time in the platform

  • How can I be sure Artists get paid?

    No matter what happens, Artists funds are safe and secure with Bluesnap, our global payment processor partner.   Only the Artists have access to it!.

  • who has access to the number of backers and Artists balance?

    Unlike other platforms only the Artist has access to the number of Backers and the balance. No need to worry about reaching a goal.

  • How can Artists communicate with their Backers?

    BackMyArt provides a direct messaging platform that is located in the member area.

  • How can I contact BackMyArt?

    Our team is available for any question at info@backmyart.com

  • What do Artists need in order to open an Artist page on BackMyArt?

    • Logo (IMG 250X250)
    • ID video (a pitch video that tells your story and why should Backers support you)
    • Artist information (information about the Artist/band members)
    • Artist recommendation (recommendation on an Artist that you like)
    • Billing information (in order to get paid)
  • How does an Artist page look?

    Artist page is divided to Public content:
    1. ID video + Slogan
    2. Art peace (can be your videos from Youtbue)
    3. Upcoming events

    And Backers only content:
    1. Exclusive videos
    2. The story behind the Art
    3. Special offers and discounts