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Enjoy an intimate connection. Private moments. Exclusive content.
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What do I GET as a Backer?

Unlimited access to new, exclusive and rare
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How we make music

  • The story behind the songs
  • Masterclass-“Private lessons”
  • Jam Sessions

Backstage trip

  • Studio Outtakes
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  • Artist Recommendation

Special discounts

  • Merchandise
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The struggle is real!

Making a living out of a full time career as an Artist is hard. Facing revenue challenges from shows and royalties distract Artists from their in-depth creation process.
BackMyArt aspires to create a supportive Backer's community that will have Artist Back and make it easier for them to focus on their art.

Making the pilot a success means more artists can join in
and start changing their reality!

Musicians, Graffiti creators, Fine Art Artists and many more!

Stand By Your Art!